Gender Roles That We Need To Say Goodbye To In 2021

Although we have come far with the Feminist Movement, there are still so many gender roles in families and relationships.

#1 Expecting More From Woman Of The House

It is 2021 and there are still so many more things expected from the woman than the man in a relationship, marriage, or family. Some of the roles women have been told they need to play include: cooking, cleaning, taking care of their children, scheduling appointments, remembering certain dates. So many of those women also have a full time job outside of their family but are still expected to do all of those things while a lot of men are just expected to work. I know this is not the case in many relationships, especially for young couples. A lot of our generation grew up with gender roles that our parents put on us and each other. I assume for most of the people in their twenties that their mother cooked dinner, kept the house clean, and pretty much did everything for you and your siblings. Being raised like this, it is hard to break the cycle because you are so used to it. It is up to us to hold ourselves and our partner accountable. 

#2 Raising Boys and Girls Differently 

This one is really hard and sadly, very easy to fall into. It is very easy to treat boys and girls differently, but we think they should be raised the same way. The same things should be expected from both boys and girls and they should both be treated with respect and empathy. Gender roles can make girls and boys feel they are trapped in a certain category and that they are stuck there. The term "boys will be boys" needs to be no more. Every boy and girl should feel free to be whatever and whoever they want to be an they should always know that whatever that is that they will be loved and accepted. 

#3 That Men are Honest and Girls are just Seeking Attention

This is an extremely important gender role. Men are almost always believed over women in almost every case. This can be in school, relationships, politics, and unfortunately, sexual harassment. Men are taught to be a leader, a boss, to be tough, while women are taught to be gentle, to be quiet and to be a follower. These gender roles are why men usually make more than women in their field and why men are the leaders of our country. Since men are usually the leaders, they are the ones people usually believe. Men, most importantly, white men are the ones who get away with things like acting a certain way, saying certain things, and on a bigger level, rape, destruction, and even murder. There are still women in jail today who murdered their rapist or stalker out of fear. This is because men are almost always believed over women.

The key takeaway from this should be that 1. Men and Women should both be taught life skills like: how to cook, clean, take care of themselves, scheduling appointments, and taking care of their children. 2. Boys and girls should be raised the same way and the same things should be expected from them. 3. Men are often believed over women which can cause boys to be reckless and think they can get away with more. This can lead to a lot of bad things for everyone.