Interview with Sloan- Business Owner,Wellness Coach, Self Care Badass

Interview with Sloan- Business Owner,Wellness Coach, Self Care Badass 

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Sloan, a business owner, wellness coach, and self care badass. Sloan has been inspiring me since the day I followed her Instagram. Not only has she inspired me but she has taught me a lot through her posts, her openness on Instagram and through her advice. Alright let’s get to the good stuff!

What is the name of your business and what is it about?

The name of my business is Waeco-wellness above everything. I am a trauma informed wellness coach, so I help women work through their trauma through self care and wellness. 

Who is your ideal client?

Women who want more from themselves and their life. Women who want to figure out who they really are as an individual. Most of my clients are in their 20s.

What inspired you to start this type of business?

It was my own journey first, I used to smoke cigarettes, drink tons, ate like crap, pretty much was not taking real care of myself in any area of my life. Within the next three months from then I quit smoking, stopped drinking and went vegan. That was the start of this journey to loving myself fully and prioritizing my wellness above everything else.

As my journey started I realized that the tools, the support, and the guidance that I wanted, that I needed weren't there. I wanted to be the person I needed, for other women. I wanted to share what I learned, that we have all the answers, that our bodies are wise, that when we heal the relationship with ourself we end up healing pretty much everything else in one way or another. I want to create a safe space for women to work on their relationship with themselves, a space to feel empowered and safe to prioritize themselves and their wellness above everything else. 

Do you go to therapy? If so, do you believe everyone should go to therapy and why?

Yes, I go to therapy but I don’t think everyone should go to therapy due to it not being fully accessible to everybody. It is incredibly important that  everybody has a support system and a safe space where they can be seen, heard, and understood.

What do you recommend for a mental health reset? 

I highly recommend regulating yourself. Bring yourself back down and regulate yourself through your breath. I recommend always starting with this even if you don’t need a reset! To have intention behind your reset ask yourself these questions: 

-what do I need to release? 

-how do you want to come back after the reset? 

-how do you want to feel?

Some other things I recommend for a complete mental health reset:


-finding a good balance of being alone and with other people 

-being with people who feel safe for you

-do the follow up work -journal about your reset and answer the questions you asked yourself before the reset. 

-make sure the reset fits you and your lifestyle

How do you, as a wellness coach, get yourself out of a funk? 

-breath work -always

-getting outside in any way. 

-doing a grounding exercise like walking barefoot in the grass

-putting on ocean sounds

How to get started with breath work?

-the first thing to do is make sure that breath work is what you need. Are you meditating or doing breath work because it helps you or do you just feel like you have to? What time and location feels best for you? Do you need music or does that distract you? 

-the first time you try breath work just take some deep breaths and have no expectations. 

-Sit or stand in a quiet place and even better if you can do it outside

-every day you sit down you may need something different than you did yesterday. Meet yourself where you are at. 

-tune into what YOU need.

-if you want to get started but don’t know how you can start with the app open- a mindfulness studio. You can use Sloans Promo Code: WAECO30 for your first 30 days free! Click here if you want to try it!

I know from following your Instagram that you do a lot of journaling and you give out a lot of prompts for your community to use. What has journaling done for your life? 

Journaling is a therapy appointment with myself, so just like therapy it has changed my life. It is a safe space for me to explore what’s going on internally. It’s a magical space where you get to reflect and learn about yourself. You get to learn through that and look back at it and you get to work things into your life 

What are your favorite journal prompts? 

-how am I feeling right now? What’s contributing to that feeling?

-what do I want to be embodying and how can I do that?

-where am I now? Where do I want to be now? How can I get there?

-how am I feeling right now? Just write out a list of all the feelings you are currently having. 

-Tune in to what you need at the moment when it comes to journaling, don’t force it.

Sloan and I talked a lot about women finding themselves and figuring out who they are as people

Sloan talked about how women are not raised in a world that wants us to be who we are. She said, “We learn how to act, what tone to use, what’s okay and what’s not okay and the world is taking away pieces of us or putting them on us. My goal is to shed and fuck all of that and bring them back to their core of who they really are.” 

You can find Sloan on Instagram @sloan.waeco 

Sloans Instagram is such a safe space and open to all women. She has so many resources and prompts. If you have any questions you can reach out to her through DM. If you are interested in her services click here to check them out! 

I would love to know what you think about this blog and if you are interested in us interviewing other women in business! 

Xoxo, Taylor