The Importance of Supporting Small Business This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing right now, and we find ourselves once again facing a decision: where do we go for our holiday shopping? For many of us, most of our purchases will be done online at the usual behemoths but I’ve got 5 reasons why you should support small business this holiday season. 

# 1. The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Them Reeling Like Never Before 

The Covid-19 pandemic has done a number on the small business economy, and although the federal government has worked hard to provide resources to support and sustain them throughout the pandemic, many are falling through the cracks. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce says “two-thirds of small businesses (65%) are concerned about having to close again or stay closed if there is a second wave of COVID-19, particularly those that have already been forced to close (85%)”.

The more this pandemic rages, the more large companies like Amazon will continue to see their profits soar; it’s never been more important to do what you can to support the small businesses that need it. Even if shopping in person, at this point, most small businesses have had adequate time to adjust and ensure the highest level of safety possibly [and don’t forget to wear a mask!]. 

# 2. It’s Good Exercise

One of the biggest perks of shopping online comes from the name itself: you can do it from the comfort of your home on your phone or computer. This might be nice, but taking a day to explore your local small business landscape can actually serve as a great workout. Even by simply walking for an hour or two.

# 3.  You Get To Meet Your Neighbors

By going out and engaging with your local community, you’re not only supporting small business, you’re supporting the other people that live within your area. When you buy from a small business, your money is going towards fueling someone’s dream. Each order takes on a significant amount of meaning to that singular entrepreneur that is waking up and working hard on growing their business day every single day. 

# 4. The Quality is Often Better

Most American small businesses create their products in-house: this generally means the quality is superior when compared to a typical megastore, online or non, whose products are generally manufactured overseas in an effort to drive down cost. These larger companies only care about their bottom line, whereas small businesses care about their communities and their customers! 

# 5. Many Are Mission-Oriented

With each passing day, more and more businesses emulate the concept that Tom’s founder Blake Mycoskie introduced back in 2006. Mycoskie was the mind behind Tom’s brilliant and generous marketing initiative: for every pair of shoes they sold, they gave another to a child in need. Before this, a cost-inflating concept like Tom’s would have been shot down in every board room across the country. But, the concept proved solid as Tom’s went to achieve massive success. 

Since then, the worlds of profit and non-profit have begun to collide at an increasing rate: many small businesses are often mission-driven, meaning the entrepreneur is using the business as a platform to raise awareness or garner support for a social cause they are passionate about.

With the advent of the internet, accessing information and informing oneself on these issues is something becoming increasingly common. For this reason, many of the younger generations tend to be more socially conscious, philanthropic, and willing to pay more for something with a good cause behind it. 

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