What The Feminist Movement Is Really About

The feminist movement is more than just a thought or small group of women coming together to create change. It is a growing ideology that aims to help women of all ages empower themselves not only on the national level, but worldwide. 

What this movement is really about:


Some people misinterpret this movement as a group of women who dislike men. Our real goal is to just be seen as an equal. Take job salaries and the ratio of women to men in the film industry for example. Women often make less than their male counterparts and are vastly outnumbered in the workforce. This movement is fighting to see better pay and more female representation so we can receive the same opportunities as men.

Forbes shares a great article on the film industry gap: Forbes

Creating A Better World

We use marches, social media, and other outlets to build awareness of different issues hurting our world. We want our movement to create change in the justice system, workforce, for the environment and anywhere else we see problems. 

Being There For Our Sisters

Not all women feel comfortable showing or speaking about their struggles and THAT'S OKAY! The feminist movement is for those willing and able to speak for those who aren’t yet ready. We build a support system for each other to spread confidence and love for all women who need or want it. 

Solely Sisterhood wants to help women have a place of comfort and support, so we created a Facebook group. No matter where you are in the movement, whether it be at the front lines or as a new member to the cause, you are welcome to join.