Women Owned Businesses That We Love

Solely Sisterhood is more than just a clothing brand. It’s about empowering women and supporting one another. We wanted to share some other awesome women owned businesses in the area that you can support while they help you in return.

Cuffed by Nano

Cuffed started out in 2016 and grew from its beginnings as a YouTube tutorial. We have loved watching them evolve and expand as a business. They offer amazing jewelry from chokers to bracelets and earrings. You can learn more here: Cuffed By Nano 

AMPM Exchange

AMPM Exchange is all about providing women with the opportunity to shop an unlimited amount of styles. From unique and versatile clothing, to soaps and accessories. Learn more about them here: AMPM Exchange 

Essential Society

Essential Society’s goal is to sell pieces that make you comfortable and confident. As a new small business based out of Columbus, we are excited to see them reach their potential. Check them out: Essential Society

Harper Kay

Harper Kay wants women to feel confident, fun and free. They offer dresses, shoes, and more to fit your unique style. See what else they offer: Harper Kay

The Beauty Boost

The Beauty Boost is a growing community that has empowering events, coaching, and more. If you are wanting to have some fun and build confidence, this is the group to join. See who they are: The Beauty Boost 

We hope this list of women owned businesses leads you to a new community or helps you find the confidence to be the best version of yourself. We would love for you to join our Facebook group to share what makes you happy and confident!